3d Microscope: How to Buy a Microscope

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USB Digital Microscope Suggestions A microscope is an instrument for viewing. Galileo also helped modernized the early microscope. He used convex lens and concave lens to give the instrument more power in viewing small objects. Meanwhile, Robert Hook and Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek popularized the invention when they used the instrument in studying biological structures. Due to the significant discoveries through the use of microscope, manufacturers began to modernize the instrument so it could be used extensively in research. Right now, there are many types of microscopes to choose from and each carry specific purpose.

What to Consider When Buying a Microscope When planning to purchase a microscope, it is important to consider this instrument as an investment, after all these things come with a hefty price. When buying, make sure that you have taken into account your need so as to avoid purchasing the wrong instrument. For instance, if you are only using it to study insects, bugs, leaves, and gems the instrument you should purchase is a stereo microscope. For more advanced research, high end microscopes which are capable of high levels of magnification is the right instrument for this particular need.

In addition to your need, features or components of the instrument is also important to consider especially if you have a particular feature in mind. For example, There are microscopes which can be connected to personal computers today. Via USB you can now attach your microscope to a PC, laptop, or tablet. This is very convenient if you want to review different objects you have examined under the USB microscope because you can take images and store them in your PC.

Finally, ensure that the instrument is durable Since it is an investment, you can appreciate the instrument further if it is capable of lasting for a lifetime. But since wear and tear cannot be avoided even in this delicate instrument, it would be wise to consider a warranty from the manufacturer in case something is broken along your research. MediumSmall Articles And Other Content Regarding Microscope Digital

Buying a microscope can be confusing especially to the uninitiated or for first time buyers which is why it is important to read and study the different aspects of the instrument. When a person is able to understand the whole equipment and how it functions, that is the time he will be able to purchase the correct microscope.

Below are topics that discuss different aspects and components of the microscope so you will understand and hopefully make the right choice.

Compound or Stereo Compound microscopes are usually employed in advanced applications. It is because these instruments are capable of providing high levels of magnification to view smaller specimens. Blood samples, bacteria, and other small object are usually studied under a compound microscope. These specimens require high powered magnification which only a compound microscope can provide. A compound microscope can have 3 to 5 lenses. These lenses can magnify objects up to 100x. On the other hand, stereo microscopes are used only to view small objects like leaves, rocks, gems, and insects. In other words, a stereo microscope is a basic instrument capable of magnifying objects up to 40x; the lowest can be 6.5x.

Quality It is important that you purchase a brand that is of quality to avoid spending money on a mediocre instrument. Usually, microscopes made in Germany and Japan are the most sought after because their quality is topnotch however, they are expensive to procure too. If you have a limited budget, there are quality microscopes in this range too however, you cannot expect these to have the same features of the high end ones.

Apart from the overall construction, it is important to consider the optical quality as well. Objective lenses and the eye pieces must be reliable so as to view the images properly. For example, an achromatic lens is already enough because it can correct colors and enhance images of the specimens. For more sophisticated application, there are high end lenses called plan objectives which produce better quality and flatter images.

After sales Service It is also important to take into account the warranty and other after sales service from the maker or the distributor of the product. A warranty is good if you are purchasing over the internet. This will safeguard your purchase especially during shipment. A company that is willing to replace damaged parts should be considered. This will safeguard your online purchases of microscope and it will also save you lots of money.