50 Shades Of Grey: Sex Toys for Singles and Couples

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Adult Toys Guides Singles and couples worldwide are becoming more experimental about their sex life. Previously, the toys are frowned upon by many but due to changing trends, adult sex toys are now considered by many due to their benefits. In addition, the popularity is also connected to media’s portrayal of sex toys. Today, sex toys are portrayed as something amusing and good for people. As such, singles and couples around the globe are no longer shy about using sex toys to satisfy their sex life.

Best Adult Sex Toys Currently, there are hundreds of sex toys designs sold in the market. As such, makers come up with clever designs to keep consumers from buying toys. Right now, there are various designs and functions sold in the market. Some of them are sold to specific gender. While there are pleasure toys which are sold to both men and women. Below are some of the popular adult sex toys which can be bought in the market right now.

Dildos and Battery Operated Dildos Dildo has been with us for more than 100 years. Although quite old, the sex toy is still popular especially in women. Dildo’s design may have changed over the years. However, their function which is to give satisfaction to users has remained the same. Today, there are dildos with odd shapes and features such as dildos with double or triple probe. Dildos with clitoris probe are extremely popular among women due to its function that stimulates the clitoris. Meanwhile dildos with anal probe is popular among women who achieve satisfaction through anal stimulation. On the other hand, vibrators create more sexual satisfaction due to their vibrating power.

Fleshlights If dildos are for women, fleshlights are for men. Fleshlight is a sex toy with a flashlight like handle and at the end of the toy is a soft silicone material that resembles a vagina. The toy is used by inserting the penis through opening and satisfaction is achieved by moving the fleshlight up and down on the penis. Fleshlights also come with a vibrating power to enable men to achieve extreme gratification. http://www.50toys.com

Silver Bullet The silver bullet is a type of vibrator but shaped like an egg. The toy is used to stimulate vagina primarily the clitoris. Men on the other hand will find this sex toy beneficial in their lifestyle too. They can use it to stimulate their partner when making love. Apart from clitoris stimulation, silver bullet can be inserted inside the vagina while the machine vibrates the vagina wall. Because it is relatively small, single women can achieve orgasm anywhere they want since the tool is very compact and handy to use.

Sexual gratification is definitely one of the pleasurable things we can experience in our lifetime. The best thing about sex is when we are able to reach orgasm either with a partner or on our own. Apart from physical satisfaction, it is also beneficial to our physical and mental health. Sex is also beneficial to relationships because it allows us to be more intimate and confident with our partner.

When Sex becomes Boring Sex is really gratifying. However, sex can become boring too specifically when it is performed repeatedly without variety. Couples can feel boredom during sex for different reasons and one example is when they no longer have something to offer on the bed. For newlyweds or those who are fresh in a relationship, sex is still exciting because there are so many things to explore. However, as time goes by, a person’s excitement towards his or her partner will lessen. This happens when sex happens every time yet nothing new is introduced in bed. The magic felt during the early stage of relationship may diminish over time and this is when couples feel sex is no longer satisfying.

What to do when Sex becomes Monotonous A plain and boring sex life is a real problem and it is a dilemma which concerns all relationships. The good about a dull sex life is that it is totally reversible. However, couples must admit that the problem does exist in the relationship before solutions to the problem can be provided.

One of the best solutions is introduction of things which can spice up the bedroom pleasure. Coming up with something new inside the bedroom will definitely break the monotony that you and your partner is currently experiencing. An example of kinky idea is introduction of role play.