Aisle Marking: Factors in a different Forklift Safety Guide

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Transparent Warning Film Information Most industrial or commercial enterprise employ pipe system. Chemical plants, refineries, and other industries that process liquids rely heavily on pipes. Likewise fuel depots and related enterprises use pipes to transport petrol in and out of the property. Apart from those, pipes are also common in enterprises that process water and compressed air. Large buildings such as hospitals, schools, and malls use a network of pipes to carry different components in and out of the structure.

Pipes are made from common materials like steel or PVC. The pipes usually differ in function, shape, and thickness. This makes it difficult for maintenance workers to know the problems they will face, or the valves they need to turn off, while doing their work. This makes it very important to have some system of pipe marking that will allow these pipes to be properly identified. In addition, the pipe markings help create a safe environment for workers. Some pipes transport hazardous materials or waste thus marking the pipes would allow workers to approach the system with utmost care.

Pipe marking is very efficient in ensuring that workers are aware of what they have to deal with, so that their actions take any dangers into account. Marking the pipe with visible label allow workers to easily spot or read warnings on the pipe. They can easily distinguish the function of the pipe as well as the components inside. The size of the lettering has to be such that it is clearly readable even from a distance. Bold and large letterings are usually placed on pipes which are located above the structure so workers can easily read the markings even from that distance.

Apart from texts, pipe markings are usually color coded. These schemes have universal usage and will mean the same all over the world. Combination of colors are also applied to give specific warnings. These combinations are usually in the form of stripes or bands. A combination of yellow and black indicates pipes carrying liquids, which are inflammable. A green white combination will identify potable water, cooling water or boiler feed. On the other hand, pipes with brown and white stripes convey that the system is carrying combustible components. Meanwhile, pipes with orange and black stripes convey corrosive or toxic components. Fire fighting pipes are clearly marked in red and white, whereas a blue white combination will tell you that the pipes carry compressed air.

There are also standards in place for pipe marking which will indicate the size of letters on labels and the length of the color field. Of course small pipes contain small fonts about half inch and length of 8 inches. Bigger pipes on the other hand contain large fonts about three and half inch and the length usually reaches 32 inches. Markings are also placed on specific locations. For instance, markings are placed on surfaces adjacent to all valves. Meanwhile, markings are also marked on walls. For pipes that run in a straight line, the pipes must be marked repeatedly. Usually an interval of 50 feet is observed. find more

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