Are The Medicines You Are On Be Making You Sick

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If you know a little something about high cholesterol, you will most likely already know that this is something that effects folks from all over the world. Additionally, you will find that there are many different causes that can lead to people having high cholesterol, and you can find ways to lower your high cholesterol. If you had a health care provider tell you that you had high cholesterol, most probably they also started out by recommending that you start taking some type of prescription drugs. Source for article While these medicines can lower your cholesterol you will also find that these drugs can cause negative effects. Of course doing nothing can even be a whole lot worse than taking the drugs as this can end up causing even more health issues down the road. You will notice that some of the unwanted health conditions that can follow high cholesterol are heart attacks and also stokes. Medicines are not the only way for you to lower your cholesterol as you will learn in this article.

The first thing you will need to do is to start watching what you eat. Which means that all the various foods you are consuming everyday can actually be leading to your high cholesterol. The meals from the fast food places are generally the first thing that you are going to want to cut out of your daily diet. One thing you are likely to find about these kinds of fast food places is that almost all of the foods are crammed with cholesterol. Watching what you eat at home is still important as a lot of the food items you can purchase in stores can still be packed with cholesterol. Which means that no matter what you eat you have got to ensure that it is a low cholesterol food.

 You will additionally realize that physical exercise is another thing which will help.  Exercise alone is not going to help that much with lowering your cholesterol, but when you include exercise together with eating healthy you will see that it can help a lot. When you start getting exercise you will also be strengthening your cardiovascular system along with your circulatory system. So as you can see exercising will be able to help your cholesterol level.

Now for something different that you will should do is to give up smoking, if you're a smoker. While every person knows that smoking is not good for you for many reasons it can in addition lead to clogged arteries. When you have high cholesterol, plaque will end up building inside your arteries, but when you are a smoker you will see that the plaque will form faster. If your arteries are blocked you will learn that your heart will be operating harder, which in turn may cause strain on your heart. Needless to say when your arteries become entirely clogged, this can lead to heart attacks and also strokes.

You can of course speak to your doctor and inform them that you don't want to take any of the drugs. All you need to do is to inform the doctor that you are looking for his or her advise on creating a diet and exercise routine that you can follow. You will find that not all medical doctors will end up being insistent on medicines and they will generally be happy to help you with this undertaking. So if you decide to stick to the suggestions in this article will find that drugs are certainly not necessary to decreasing your cholesterol.More on medicines