The Mario Badescu Acne Philosophy

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The Mario Badescu Acne Philosophy

This Acne Resource Center was made for one purpose, and one purpose only: to educate our clients. There is free information available everywhere about how to get rid of acne – some people are proponents of drowning your skin in benzoyl peroxide. Others have more interesting, and equally questionable, approaches involving fruits and vegetables that we haven’t even heard of.

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These approaches are all well and good, but they are neglecting the #1 rule of skin care, which we live and breathe by here at Mario Badescu: not all skin is created equal. Different skin types need different types of skin care. There is no one size fits all solution.

At Mario Badescu Skin Care, we have combined over 40 years of skin care research and secrets, handed down from expert to expert, to finally figure it out. Your skin can be cleared up – treating acne is our specialty. They say that free advice isn’t worth very much, but cheap advice is worth even less. Well, we’re going to break the mold and give out some free advice that is worth plenty.

Here’s the breakdown. At Mario Badescu Skin Care, we see three different types of customers suffering from acne: those with dry skin, those with oily skin, and those with combination skin. These are our broad categories, our base from which we work off of.

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We have developed specialized regimens for treating acne on each skin type. Each regimen was handcrafted by our skin care specialists to identify the problem areas that people with these skin types often encounter, target these problems with a blend of time-tested and powerful solutions devised by Mario Badescu himself years and years ago, and then eliminate the problem.

The result? Beautiful, clear, and radiant skin – just like our celebrity clients. It’s that easy. It’s your turn, now. You know how and why our regimens work – now find out what they entail, and take your first step toward amazing skin.